Map Out Your 1 to 1 Client Onboarding Process

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For a streamlined onboarding process that you and your clients will love.

Grab your pen and paper for this one - we're going old school!

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Ever signed up for a shiny new CRM system... but become confused and overwhelmed because you didn't know how to make the most of it?

Perhaps you're ready for help onboarding your clients... but you've no idea how automation or a virtual assistant can help.

Or maybe you simply know the importance of a proper onboarding process and want to make sure you have everything covered.

This pre-recorded workshop will help you to map out a personalised, streamlined onboarding process.

The workshop is 30 minutes, but you should set aside 45-60 minutes to give yourself time to pause between each section and create your own map as you watch. The video has closed captions and a transcription.

Something magical happens when you put pen to paper and map out your client workflows. 

It brings a clarity to your onboarding process, which you can use to:

  • decide on the best tech for your process
  • set up workflows in your chosen tech
  • spot what you can automate
  • decide what you can outsource
  • spot bottlenecks and problems
  • improve accessibility
  • improve your client experience
  • and easily turn your process into task lists and checklists.

This pre-recorded workshop is for you if:

  • you’re an expert service-provider offering 1 to 1 services
  • your clients book with you in advance
  • you’re not confident in your current onboarding process or it isn’t quite working for you.

You'll map out your process in a flow diagram, so you can see how to streamline and improve it.

N.B. This workshop starts from the point when someone expresses serious interest in working with you. It doesn't cover any of the marketing customer journey or advice on how to make a sale.

Jo really knows her stuff when it comes to client onboarding and streamlining systems. But where she really excels is that she provides clarity, wherever you are in your onboarding journey. In my case, I was able to get a top-down view but also zoom in and look at my current process in a more granular way. Her guidance allowed me to identify a few flaws, but also feel positive that I was using the right tools/tech for the job. Mary James, SEO Website Copywriter & Copy Mentor

Just wanted to say you did an amazing job with the workshop today - it was super clear, really well paced, and I've come out of it feeling so much more confident and focused around what I need my client onboarding process to look like to make it work for me and my business. Beth/Kiri Gillham, Virtual Assistant

Attended Jo's fab workshop focused on onboarding clients. I felt I was starting from scratch and had to do SO much. Jo's workshop was clear, calm and reassured me for what I'm already doing, as well as sparking ideas for what I can (and will) do to build on that. Not just good news for me but FAB news for my clients. Sarah Goddard, Public Fundraising Consultant

I’m Jo Shock from Streamlines Virtual Support, and I help 1 to 1 service providers to level up your client management.

I help to ease the mental load and get fit-for-purpose systems for your client onboarding, delivery and follow-up.

  • Whether onboarding new clients takes you forever...
  • Delivering for clients gets done but feels messy and overwhelming,...
  • Or you never get around to following up with past clients...

I gently untangle the pain points in your client management and find the right solutions for you.

Some happy 1 to 1 clients:

Jo found a new booking system for me that literally cut my admin time in half. It's so simple to use, it's really intuitive and it fits our needs perfectly.

Sophie Caws, Brighton & Hove Therapies

Jo somehow managed to take the mass of PostIt notes stuck in the corners of my brain, and laid them all out in a nice, logical order. The sense of calm that descended was wonderful. I feel more confident now that I can take on multiple projects without losing my mind!

Emma Young, Sustainability Communications Advisor

I knew the experience I wanted my customers to have, but I had no idea how to put it together... until Jo started asking me questions. She made it all seem so easy!

Cristina Hoyt Alvarez, Nutritionist

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Map Out Your 1 to 1 Client Onboarding Process

5 ratings
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